Wage Protection System (WPS) in Saudi Arabia

Every private establishment with 10 or more employees is required to pay salaries through the Wage Protection System (WPS) in Saudi Arabia. WPS ensures...

What are death benefits in Saudi Arabia?

In case of someone's death in Saudi Arabia, his legal representatives could be entitled to some of the following 4 benefits or compensations. We...

Visa Procedures

How to check and pay Maktab Amal Fee in 2020?

In order to renew Iqama, the employer needs to pay the work permit levy. In this article, we have given a Maktab Amal Fee...

How to renew SOCPA membership?

Every expat accountant, auditor, or any other person working on a finance job in Saudi Arabia needs to have the valid SOCPA membership for...

General Information

What is the Notice period under Saudi Labor Law?

At the time of resignation or termination, a notice is served by one party of the contract to make arrangements for the replacement. As...

Jawazat - News

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Career Opportunities

What's Happening?

9 rules for part-time jobs in Saudi Arabia

Many people do not know that freelancing is legal in Saudi Arabia within the rules of part-time jobs established by the Ministry of Labor....
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